Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the world’s fastest growing marketing techniques.

It is an efficient and easy way to increase sales, by creating new common grounds for sellers and buyers.

This marketing practice is based on the connection between an online merchant and the affiliate program.

It can bring major growth to the merchant’s sales, with the appropriate exposure management.

Marketing. Benefits. Networking.

Affiliate marketing programs are the link between advertisers and publishers, with the latter being basically the promoters of the advertiser’s material.

In other words, the platform serves the advertiser’s material to the publisher’s sites, with its sole goal to convert visits into product sales.

High Level Deals
InterCommerceInc, as the developer of the Affiliate Program, works on making deals with publishers whose conversion levels are high
Successful Campaign
We ensure that the materials served from the advertiser comply with the general guidelines of a successful Affiliate Marketing Campaign.

Finding the niche: Affiliate Specialists

Low Risk Business
The main criteria for a low risk business are choosing the proper audience targets and promoting a high quality product.

InterCommerceInc carefully chooses its line of affiliate publishers, that is why it’s built up its reputation and its platform is considered one of the top, in the E-commerce world.

Marketing Approach
Our marketers are in constant search, trial and evaluation of new sites to include in the system, so as to establish a different Marketing approach for every client.

In general, InterCommerceInc stands for quality, professionalism and results.